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Welcome to Harlequin Marquees and Events management. A family run business, we are based in Watford and provide services to Hertfordshire, London and the Home Counties. With a reputation for quality and enthusiasm, Harlequin Marquees offers elegant and traditional looking marquees transforming any garden or location into a stylish wedding or party atmosphere.

We aim to provide a breath of fresh air in the events hire. As unlike many other companies, we offer a clear and transparent service with no hidden charges and all our pricing and accessories are easy to see on our site. If you do have any special requirements or questions please do contact us as we are only too happy to assist.

Harlequin Marquee Hire has extensive experience in the supply and installation of marquees for every type of function. With unrivalled customer service we cater for all events such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, Christenings, Anniversaries, Shows, and Exhibitions etc.


Here are a few of the Marquees available from our collection. Click the button below to see our full range.

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Large Marquee 12×6 (m)

Large Marquee Hire “Great for Birthdays or...

Garden Party Marquee 6×6 (m)

Garden Party Marquee Hire “Great for...

Party Marquee 8×4 (m)

Party Marquee Hire A spacious party marquee,...