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Whether you’re hosting a summer picnic in your backyard or a trade show for your business, event marquees can help you carry out your plans in style. Harlequin Marquees and Event Management have a range of marquees in a variety of sizes and styles, so there is bound to be a marquee hire to suit your event.

Open-Sided Canopies

These are rather simple event marquees that are designed to provide shade while also making it easy for people to gain access to them. These marquees can be the perfect choice for outdoor flea markets, festivals, and trade shows because they provide cover yet allow the people inside them to mingle easily with others at the event. They can also contain screened sides that zip open when they are not needed, thereby providing some protection from insects as well. These tents are available in small sizes to accommodate a couple of people or on a larger scale for events attended by hundreds.  

Open-Front Marquees

A variation of the open-sided tent is one that is open only on the front. This type of marquee has canvas sides and back, yet is open in the front so that people can easily enter it. These marquees are ideal for use at festivals, fetes and flea markets where booths are situated right next to each other, as they allow for a certain degree of privacy that isn’t possible with open-sided marquees.

Fully-Enclosed Marquees

A fully-enclosed marquee can be tailored to look much like an actual building; it can contain regular doors and windows. One of these marquees is capable of holding up to 300 people, and is often used for wedding receptions, family reunions or special sales events. Event marquees such as these are normally equipped with electricity, which allows them to be used any time, since they can easily be heated and cooled.

Semi-Permanent Structures

In some cases, event marquees may need to be put up for long-term use. In these cases, the marquees may be placed on top of a wooden platform and include doors and windows with security features. Tents such as these could also be sectioned off into different rooms in order to make them available for a number of different uses. These structures come in sizes that will accommodate anywhere from 50 to 300 people comfortably, and can be placed nearly anywhere without the need to obtain a building permit.

If you are hosting a marquee event, be sure to give to the team here at Harlequin Marquees & Event Management a call for affordable, quality marquee hire.